Who are we?

3L Films specializes in cinematic video, particularly for weddings and special, once in a lifetime events. We have the equipment to capture dramatic footage as if we’re on set for a movie scene. Our style of filming and editing revolves around emotions. Couples spend months and years planning their dream wedding and we are here to do our best to capture every bit of it. Newly weds never get the chance to see the “other side” on their wedding day and that’s where we come in. We want to make this day memorable for the rest of your life. Our focus lies in retelling your story in a creative and heart felt way through film.
3L Films- Team Photo

Meet The Team

Duy Nguyen
Creative Director

Videography has always been Duy’s passion, ever since he was about 13 years old. His dad had the huge camcorder where you would have to carry on your shoulders. He was the one always recording family reunions and events, then distributing them through multiple copies of VHS. The thing he loves most about shooting video is capturing all the beautiful moments in front of him. He simply loves to put those moments into video in which he can share with the world. Duy normally never goes anywhere without his camera and he just wants to film everything.

Nga Tran Nguyen

Nga enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding, running, and hiking. She is creative when it comes to arts/crafts, baking, and cooking. She fell in love with wedding videography after attending a wedding that showcased a Same Day Edit video, during the reception. From watching many wedding highlights over the years, she fell in love with the creativity that came from each one and with each one being different from the norm. Nga incorporates her arts and crafting skills into the lens to capture beautiful footage.

Thong Tran

Thong Tran born in Sacramento, CA and had lived most of his life in the Bay Area. His specialties are Photography and Technical Gadgets. He started picking up Photography when his father gifted him a SLR camera one year. He gradually upgraded to a DSLR and started learning how to use the video features, which eventually lead to Videography. From there on out, he always brought a camera with him everywhere he went to capture special moments. He loves to cherish memories whether it’s a picture or in a video form.

Why Choose Us

  • We are super awesome to work with

    We love meeting new people and making new friends along the way. We carefully listen to your story and incorporate it into the wedding film.
  • We will work closely with you

    We ensure you have a pleasant experience from initial planning to final delivery.
  • We're always 110% Committed

    Our passion is to go beyond expectation and create a beautiful wedding film for you to cherish forever.