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I’ve been happily married for 7 months now. With many of my family and friends engaged and soon to be married I often get asked about our vendors. Because Bao and I were happy with all of our wedding vendors I see it fitting that I write this yelp review.

Some might find this surprising but, my husband was actually very involved in our wedding planning. It was after all “our” wedding. With that said he was the one that told me about 3L Films. Like any new bride I often sat at my computer endlessly watching wedding trailers; to get a feel of what a videographer is, why we need them, what they can do etc. After reviewing some of their work, and getting the tear jerker reactions I was looking for we decided to move forward and contact Duy of 3L Films.

Bao was the one who initially contacted Duy and worked out all the details. They communicated via e-mail and Facebook messenger. Bao expressed to me that Duy listened to his vision and what he wanted. Duy took great note to what feel Bao and I wanted to portray and we appreciate that he listened to everything we said.

I personally met Duy and his wife Nga the day of our Tea Ceremony. Right after the ceremony to be exact. From that moment they were both smiling, helpful, and directed well. I’m Filipina and my husband is Vietnamese so we had a 2 day, 2 cultural, 2 religious ceremony wedding. I appreciated Nga because she too was once a Vietnamese bride and she often helped me with my traditional Vietnamese wedding dress (au dai). If they were getting ready to shoot she made sure my Au Dai was perfect, often having to re-buckle my collar. Though we just met I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I was actually really grateful she knew what she was doing as I doubt any of my bridesmaids would know how an Au Dai is supposed to properly look.

Duy and Nga were like ninjas. During the Tea Ceremony I didn’t realize they were there recording, and yet when you watch our highlight reel & wedding documentary it’s as if they wedding was viewed from the bride and groom point of view. They got amazing shots and managed to stay “behind the scenes” if that makes sense. I’m not sure if any of you reading have seen videographers or photographers that are sometimes in the middle of a ceremony just to get a perfect shot. But, it disturbs the atmosphere and annoys the audience. Duy & Nga were definitely not those people.

Duy also worked amazing with our other vendors; often communicating with our photographer (different companies). Duy made sure he and the photographer got the shots they needed, never standing in each other’s ways.

Day 2, our church ceremony & the reception. Just like day 1 Duy and Nga were very kind, smiling, and helpful. Everything went just as smooth, Nga was there again handing me tissues even before I started tearing up as she knew that certain shots would make me (or any bride) emotional.

Every time they entered the room, or any space they were (again) like ninjas. As I was getting ready the morning of our church ceremony they didn’t disturb any moments I was having with my MUA, bridesmaids or anyone I was talking to. As I got ready they recorded and if they did speak to me they approached me calmly and very professionally.

During the church ceremony I was pretty zoned out but from what I’ve seen and what I was told they were never in the way of us, the priest, or in a place that was blocking our audiences view. They stayed on the side, couched down if needed and recorded from the balcony of the church.

At the end of our reception Duy handed us a mic for a closing interview & I’m so happy he captured our raw emotions. I laughed hysterically at what I said. I was tired and so drained from the past two days but it was cool to see what emotions I felt at the end of it all.

If you are looking for a great videographer I definitely recommend 3L FILMS. I know this was lengthy but I’m passionate about how great they did. Duy worked with us every step of the way. Because our wedding was 2 days there was SO much material that was recorded. Duy gave us our highlight reel on time (per our contract) & gave us two options for the wedding video; a feature film or a documentary. He explained both in great detail and when we decided on the documentary style we were very pleased.

If you are anything like me and you need visuals check out our highlight reel. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

-Jackie & Bao

“7 months later I am still replaying our videos, reliving my wedding moments and crying tears of joy with everything 3L Films captured”